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What our customers say...

I am hooked on the Night Lights, both color and mono. We have 4 children and each have a Night Light in their bedroom. Because we can switch out the images on the Night Lights, we let each child decide what image they want for their own Night Light. The extra images make a great gift or stocking stuffer. Our cat named Fradey is the most popular image. OK, First things first. The company - Vizardz - has the best customer service. I had questions and not only did I get call backs, I also got email answers. Now, the nightlight itself. It brought tears to my eyes it was so spectacular. The detail was absolutely amazing. You know when you give a gift you know they are going to LOVE? This is one of those gifts. It is also the most selfless gift I am giving this Christmas as I want to keep it for myself. I bought this night light in honor of my son and father. Showed them to friends and they loved them. Went back and ordered 2 more of my parents, one for my mom and one for my sister also ordered another of my son and shipped to his business partners at their office. Adored it, now they need the info. After the holidays will be ordering more for my husband's side of the family and gifts. Wonderful thing to have and I will definitely recommend to friends or anyone. I ordered one and liked it so much I ordered two more for my kids. The night lights show sooooo much detail. I love how personal and special they make gift giving!! I am excited to give these lights for Christmas gifts!! Instead of ordering the usual formal wedding day photos, we got the big Light Boxes. The Light Box is a classic design and goes with our decor. We have a color image in our bedroom and a monochrome in the living room. I love the softness of the light and the 3D effect. When our parents saw them, they wanted one instead of the usual framed photo. We all love it. So different. Thank you. I initially ordered 5 of these and placed my order for all 5. It took a while to receive them because the company was in the middle of moving, but when I inquired about them, they expeditiously wrote back and apologized and told me what was transpiring. They sent my lights immediately to me and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I have since ordered 5 more and they are already in the process of making them. If you are on the fence about ordering these, don't be. You will not be disappointed. When you light them at night, the images are so beautiful and the light they project is bright! I am considering ordering another 5 and giving these away as gifts for my friends! I have also had a lot of compliments from my friends and neighbors!!! I love these! And the company personnel you order them from and VERY kind, sweet, and are very interested in making you happy! I am!!! It's beautiful, well made and it turned out to be the perfect present. Since my mom died 3 years ago, my dad doesn't really celebrate Christmas anymore. He loves pictures of my mom and when I saw this I knew that this is something he would love. He loved the portrait I had made a couple of years ago of the both of them, so this seemed like it would go along with it perfectly. I'll be ordering many more of these for all different occasions. Thank you! For our 55th anniversary, our children surprised us with a Light Box with our wedding picture. The effect and the light are like nothing I have ever seen. It is beautiful. My son is in Little League. Not only did the yearly League photography studio offer the usual pictures but also offered VIZARDZ 2.5D pictures. The photographer showed samples of the 2.5D effect which I had never seen before. I chose the photo of my son proudly holding his bat, and got two VIZARDZ night lights, one for his bedroom and one for the bathroom. I also bought the large light box with the same image for a gift for his grandmother in Florida. So cool!!! Thank you so much! I gave my boyfriend a gift of his dog for his birthday. His friends were having a surprise party. I wanted to give a unique gift so I gave him the box product. I am telling you, it was not only unique, it was the most popular gift he received. Everyone was stunned how it looked. The texture made the dog look like he was jumping out of the background.